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Alef Júlio Schaefer Cerutti

Energy Engineering


+55 (49) 999011748


Civil status:


Date of Birth:

January 14th, 1998

A Bit About Me

I am interested in working in the areas of Engineering and Technology.

In high school I developed a series of scientific projects, I highlight an atmospheric probe equipped with telemetry and GPS, aiming to collect meteorological data and pictures of Santa Catarina’s region. The project had great repercussion in the media (newspaper, radio and TV) and allowed me to participate in science fairs, national technology shows and winning scientific awards. In the Graduation in Energy Engineering, I founded two teams that work with important research and extension projects in the Araranguá Campus of UFSC - the Quantum Team, a competition team in the robotics area, of which I am also the captain – and Plus Energy, a team that develops prototypes and technologies for systems for generating electricity from renewable sources. Based on my experience and skills to work in mechanics, electronics and programming, I also collaborate with other projects and researchers at the university. During the time I am at UFSC, I am often asked to represent it in interviews, lectures and institutional videos,I was a student representative of the Course Collegiate for two years, and I am currently the president of the Academic Center for Energy Engineering. Finally, I would like to highlight the development of volunteer activities, at the university and outside it, especially aimed at children and high school students.

Academic formations

August 2016 - Currently

February 2014 - December 2015

Energy Engineering, Engineer. Federal University of Santa Catarina, Araranguá - SC;

Technician in Industrial Mechanics, Technician. SENAI - SC, Concordia - SC;

February 2013 - December 2015

Middle School, High School. Benjamin Carvalho de Oliveira School of Basic Education, Ipumirim - SC;


  • 3D printing experience;

  • Extensive knowledge in metrology and dimensioning;

  • Experience in machining and welding processes;

  • Programming in C++, microcontrollers and electronic instrumentation;

  • Leadership spirit;

  • Ease of teamwork;

  • Organization and punctuality.


  • Microsoft Excel;

  • Microsoft Word;

  • Microsoft Power;

  • Point AutoCAD - Autodesk;

  • Solid Works - Dessault Systèmes;

  • MATLAB - MathWorks;

  • Fusion 360 - Autodesk;


  • Portuguese;

  • English;

  • Italian;


Engineering, technology, electronics, electrical, mechanics, programming, sensing, robotics and automation;

Hobbies: Model aircraft and astronomy.


July 2021 - October 2021

January 2021 - February 2021

June 2019- Currently

June 2019- Currently

Lenergy Company - Solar Energy - Research intern.

- Development of a wind and power generation data acquisition system;

- Analysis of economic viability based on local conditions and market conditions;

University of Porto - Porto - Portugal - Extracurricular exchange

Participation in experiments with ROS - Robot Operating System and construction of robots for the robot soccer team of the University of Porto - 5DPO;

Plus Energy - Founder and leader

  • Development of prototypes to meet small electrical loads (up to 5 kW);

  • First prototype developed: 2.1 kW wind tower, 10 meters high;

  • Second prototype developed: 5.0 kW wind tower, 10 meters high;

  • Small prototypes (up to 200W) to meet small electrical loads;

Quantum Team - Founder and leader

Competition team linked to UFSC. Construction of combat robots to participate in competitions representing the University; Lectures and mini-courses in robotics;


January 2021

June 2020

August 2020

August 2019

December 2015

August 2014

August 2013

CNPq Scientific Initiation Scholarship by INCT-GD -
National Institute of Science and Technology in Generation Distributed Electricity;

C++ Programming mini-course, electronics and conventional turning;

9th SICTSUL – Scientific Initiation Symposium of the South of Santa Catarina;

8th SICTSUL – Scientific Initiation Symposium of the South of Santa Catarina;

Presentation at the 3rd National Conference on
Youth. Brasilia DF, Brazil;

Presentation at the IV MOCISC – Scientific Exhibition of Contestado Region of Santa Catarina. Mafra - SC, Brazil;

Presentation at the III MOCISC - Scientific Exhibition of Contestado Region of Santa Catarina. Porto União - SC, Brazil;

Volunteer Works

August 2021 - Currently

July 2020 - July 2021

Tutor at Casa Madre Regina Institution;

Volunteer work as a tutor at the Casa Madre Regina Institution.
Institution that assists vulnerable minors - Tutor
information technology, typing development and research.

Production of face protections masks against Covid-19;

Member of the UFSC volunteer group, which produced and distributed
faceshield type masks for health professionals and schools in the
region of the extreme south of Santa Catarina.

April 2018 - June 2021

PES - Solidarity Education Project;

Social preparatory course for ENEM and vestibular aimed at
public school students.
Tutor in the disciplines of Biology and Mathematics.


October 2019

November 2015

October 2015

October 2012

3rd place at the 22nd Young Science International Fair.
Olinda - PE, Brazil.

1st place at the X State Science and Technology Fair of
Basic education. Florianópolis - SC, Brazil.

1st place at the VIII Science and Technology Fair - GERED-SEARA. Seara - SC, Brazil.

1st place at the VIII Science and Technology Fair - GERED-SEARA. Seara - SC, Brazil.

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