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Plus Energy

Atualizado: 29 de jun. de 2022

In 2019 I started a renewable energy project focused on wind energy. The process started with studies on the potential of the environment available close to campus, and with the help of some colleagues a small team was created to then begin the planning of the first prototype. After sizing calculations and collecting the necessary materials, we started an assembly.

The first prototype was designed to be 10 meters high (around 32’8 feet), with an installed power pf 5 kW, and aluminium blades. The entire project was thought to energetically supply a small part of the University, therefore being able to put in practice the concepts seen in class.

Plus Energy enabled us to refine the learning in data processing due to wind analysis. As for the construction, the concepts in electric, mechanic, and programming were applied into the control systems of the wind tower. This project allowed my team and I to polish our work and focus. Although the challenges are constant, so is the learning!

We are currently developing the second version of the wind plant, with more precise control systems and a more robust mechanical system. In addition, we are organizing an operations headquarters within UFSC.

This is Plus Energy!

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