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Atmospheric Probe - AERIS Project

Atualizado: 27 de jan. de 2022

In 2015 I idealized the construction of an Atmospheric Probe in order to obtain data and images from the Santa Catarina region. I put together a team, and together we started the plan and construction of what would leas us to several recognition titles.

The probe was built with low-cost materials: the balloons responsible for the probe’s elevation were filled with hydrogen gas, while the landing process consisted of a parachute and decoupling system calibrated with the atmospheric pressure for the required altitude. The service module consisted of a camera, GPS tracker, telemetry system and some sensors. In total, there were 5 launches, each with different modifications and improvements made based on respective previous releases.

The results obtained were satisfactory, in addition to capturing beautiful images of the atmosphere, we were able to cross-reference route data with the movements of the air masses, the temperature determination revealed the altitude reached, and the videos allowed us to observe the effects of the updrafts. This project was presented in Florianópolis, the capital of Santa Catarina, Olinda - PE, and Brasília - DF, capital of Brazil, in the Science and Technology Congress.

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